AMAZALERT examined how global and regional climate and land-use changes will impact Amazonian forests, agriculture, waters, and people; and how these impacts feed back onto climate. 

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“The AMAZALERT project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 282664, and was co-funded by many national agencies an institutes.”

Highlights & Strengths

AMAZALERT recognizes that Amazonia consists not only of forests but also of its waters, society and economy. All of these are embedded in, and respond to, wider natural and socio-economic systems. The project thus takes an integrated, holistic approach.    

Team members have direct access to high-level decision makers with responsibilities for the Amazon region, to important NGOs and to key Amazonia stakeholders.

Stakeholder perspectives and knowledge will guide the work program, ensure the usefulness of results, and promote adoption of promising avenues to ensure continued availability of key ecosystem services.

Project outcomes will be widely disseminated. Domestic media in Amazonian nations, journal articles and a website will be utilized to reach the widest possible audience.

Summaries of important findings will be made available to both policy-makers and lay audiences. Full reports will be available on the website and in journals.

Amazon forest die-back scenarios will be thoroughly tested using a range of coupled models, allowing feed-backs and interactions with socio-economic systems.

AMAZALERT will provide a blueprint for an Early Warning System, a tool that can be used to assist efforts to prevent loss of Amazonian ecosystem services.

Please join us in this exciting endeavour. If you are interested in participating as a stakeholder or receiving
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