AMAZALERT examined how global and regional climate and land-use changes will impact Amazonian forests, agriculture, waters, and people; and how these impacts feed back onto climate. 

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“The AMAZALERT project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 282664, and was co-funded by many national agencies an institutes.”

Project description (as proposed)

AMAZALERT recognizes that Amazonia consists not only of forests but also of its waters, society and economy. This research project takes an integrated, holistic approach and recognizes that the Amazon system is embedded in, and responds to, wider natural and socio-economic systems. Read more in the flyer (pdf).

We first prioritise the functions of Amazonia and threats to these. We then will analyse uncertainties in biogeochemistry, land cover (vegetation), land-use change and regional hydrology, as well as nonlinear responses and feedbacks using existing and new simulations from state of the art models in which land surface is coupled to global climate. The way in which policies and possible future response strategies of policy makers, trade and economy will affect land-use change will be modelled.

  • Improving understanding of vegetation, hydrological and climate processes and their interactions
  • Working with Stakeholders to understand key Amazon ecosystem functions
  • Integrating policy and socio-economic dynamics into physical-process modelling
  • Providing tools to alert society to imminent loss of key ecosystem services

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