AMAZALERT examined how global and regional climate and land-use changes will impact Amazonian forests, agriculture, waters, and people; and how these impacts feed back onto climate. 

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“The AMAZALERT project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 282664, and was co-funded by many national agencies an institutes.”

News Articles

Pesquisadores do Programa AmazAlert abrem caminho inovador ao associar fatores sociais a modelos matemáticos A tecnologia já oferece instrumentos poderosos para monitorar o desmatamento na Amazônia, como os olhos vigilantes dos satélites. Agora, pesquisadores brasileiros e estrangeiros do Programa AmazAlert pretendem analisar as variáveis sociais e econômicas relacionadas ao corte de árvores. Estas informações vão alimentar modelos matemáticos, gerando cenários que mostrem como a floresta deve reagir à ação do homem e às mudanças climáticas.
Globo.com, Tuesday 11 June 2013
AMAZALERT Delivery Report: Review of existing scenarios and policies and selection of relevant set (D4.1) This document describes the international and non-Amazonian national policies and initiatives that may impact land use in the Amazon in three ways. First, they influence the demand for agricultural and forest products and thus potentially affect production levels and priorities among different products in the Amazon region. Second, they define standards applicable to production practices and, third, provide support for national activities. Further, Brazilian policies and initiatives are described, providing the more specific frameworks and partly financing for national action. Delivery Report 4.1.
Dorian Frieden, Kasper Kok, Naomi Pena, Susanne Woess-Gallasch, Elza Savaget, Claudio Bragantini, Mateus Batistella, Thursday 2 May 2013
AMAZALERT Factsheet Issue 1: Landuse change in the Brazilian Amazon products, policies and initiatives This factsheet provides a brief overview of major products and policies as well as a limited number of initiatives that are known or expected to – directly or indirectly – impact land use in the Brazilian Amazon.
Dorian Frieden, Joanneum Research, Tuesday 30 April 2013
AMAZALERT Newsletter Issue 1, April 2013 First edition of the AMAZALERT Newsletter with news, published articles and delivery reports.
AMAZALERT Secretary, Tuesday 30 April 2013
Experiment aims to steep rainforest in carbon dioxide One of the wild cards in climate change is the fate of the Amazon rainforest. Will it shrivel as the region dries in a warming climate? Or will it grow even faster as the added carbon dioxide in the atmosphere spurs photosynthesis and allows plants to use water more efficiently? Carlos Nobre, a climate scientist and one of the initiators of AMAZALERT project explains.
Nature, Tuesday 23 April 2013
AMAZALERT Delivery Report on impacts of climate change and IPCC RCP land use scenarios in Earth System Models (D3.1) This Delivery reports on the new simulations from the fifth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) projections of climate change in the Amazon basin. The centennial simulations have been carried out according to different scenarios of greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, and include land use change consistent with development pathway and policy decisions. Thus, the implications of IPCC GHGs and land use according to the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) on the changes in Amazonia can be explored in the CMIP5 multi-model ensemble. It presents an update to the last major phase (CMIP3) model projections of change that were reported in the IPCC AR4 (IPCC 2007). Delivery Report 3.1.
AMAZALERT Secretary, Monday 18 February 2013