AMAZALERT examined how global and regional climate and land-use changes will impact Amazonian forests, agriculture, waters, and people; and how these impacts feed back onto climate. 

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“The AMAZALERT project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 282664, and was co-funded by many national agencies an institutes.”

International workshop on Environmental Modelling in Amazonia (25-27 November 2013)

We are organising an international event 'Environmental Modelling in Amazonia' in Manaus, 25-29 November 2013.

The main objective of the event is to synthesise the scientific advances made to date in understanding the functioning of the Amazonian socio-ecological / environmental systems. The second objective is to identify ways of integration among disciplines, and among established research programmes in Amazonia, such as the Brazilian-funded LBA, GEOMA, REDE CLIMA, ADAPTA, INCTs and externally funded programmes.

We aim to run the event over four and a half days, including three days being dedicated to presentations by thematic groups, followed by discussion. One day is reserved for working group meetings for establishing integrated interdisciplinary research agendas. The synthesis meeting of the CENÁRIOS project will complete the programme.

In addition to the main event, we aim to organise side events that would run before and after the main event and would include workshops for graduate students on modelling, present the new data handling platform of LBA, and offer coaching on scientific publishing.

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  1. Main Science Event
  2. MCTI Integration
  3. Scenários Meeting
  4. Training Workshops


Brazilian National Institutes for Amazonian Research (INPA) and for Space Research (INPE), and others, Monday 7 October 2013